Project Risk Management: Made Simpler with PPM Visibility

Live webinar | March 31 | 10 AM (UK Time)

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Organizations wasted 12% of investment in project spend last year due to poor project performance*

*Based on Project Management Institute's Pulse of Profession 2019 Report

As a PMO, how can you tackle this and make sure this isn't you?

Implement better project risk management by applying best practices to help minimize, manage, monitor, and control risks so that you can minimize the impact when unexpected events occur.


This then will lead to better decision-making: avoiding high-risk projects, preparing for issues that occur, and staying ahead of your project scope, costs, and quality.

Join us for our live webinar on March 24 to discover:

  • How to launch and manage better project risk management in your PMO
  • What crucial metrics and data you need in real-time to ensure the best risk management practices
  • The way to get these metrics at your fingertips and facilitate faster and better decision-making

Meet the Speaker


Fabien Herelle
VP of Solutions
Sciforma PPM



Fabien led major implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies and created the Solutions team in charge of designing and developing the Sciforma Solution. He has been promoting a design thinking approach at Sciforma and created the Sciforma Expert Group.


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