The PMO Outlook Report:
2024 Edition
A look at the key trends of being a successful PMO in 2024

The Project Management Office (PMO) has a chance to make a name for themselves in 2024, but not without the right activity and focus. For years, the PMO was seen as a tracking and governance function and that has all changed and for good reason. 

This report highlights:

  • Top challenges facing project professionals
  • What KPIs successful PMOs are focused on
  • The roadblocks project professionals are facing when trying to improve
  • The key initiatives for organizations in 2024

In 2024, the role of the PMO is simple – deliver value for the organization. But, why does this continue to be a challenge for PMO leaders year after year. It’s the lack of focus on the right things. PMOs that aren’t positioned to focus on what the business cares about are setting themselves up for a challenging road ahead. 

That said, it’s not too late! This report highlights the simple measures your organization can take to regain the focus needed to deliver the value the business expects.

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