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Project and Portfolio Management Software

Sciforma's flexible platform helps you to achieve growth and strategic objectives through more efficient and effective management of projects and resources.

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Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

Sciforma helps you prioritize, deploy, execute, and report – all in one connected system with the

optimal balance of usability and robust functionality.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Status Overview

  • Quickly check the status of all ongoing projects and drill down into the details to identify issues.

Multi-portfolio Simulation

  • Support for evaluation of multiple scenarios (6) including comparison between the scenarios and live situations of ongoing projects (workload, budget and cash flow).

Portfolio Analysis and Control

  • Quickly check the status of all ongoing projects and drill down into the details to identify issues.

Project Management

Project Scheduler

  • Schedule your projects using the Gantt view, with integrated Agile project planning.

Cost and Budget Management

  • Allocate the budget and monitor cost allocation and budget consumption.

Issue Management

  • Analyze risks' impacts on time and cost, and define potential mitigation actions for each risk.

Resource Management

Capacity Planning

  • Create and manage resource assignments, review allocation, and monitor utilization and requests.

Time Tracking

  • Track and report actual time against planned for each tasks, and supply estimates for additional time.

Resource Allocation and Planning

  • Identify underutilized and overworked resources to plan for in-flight and upcoming projects.

Choose the Right Projects and Support Them


Project Work


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Why Our Users Love Us

Reduced time spent on project status reporting

Improved staff utilization

Improved project timeline

Expense avoidance on non-strategic projects

"What used to take up to 10 weeks to perform data collection, aggregation and consolidation now takes 20 minutes. That time is now spent on analyzing and decision making."

Michael Fernandes, Sr Program Manager / Agile Transition & Transformation

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