Project Time Tracking:

Why and What For?

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Thursday May 6, 2021 at 11:00am PST

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Tracking the time spent on projects enables PMOs to monitor project progress and resource efficiency

Time tracking is one of the most-used features in Project Management software. Collecting experiential data about the time and expenses required to complete specific tasks improves understanding of project lifecycles and drives better planning and progress tracking, while also helping optimize resource allocation and cost-management.

Automating the time-tracking process using a tool improves the accuracy and granularity of the information, enabling Project & Resource Managers to make insightful decisions.


icône indiquant "83%" Improved staff utilization by tracking time with a PPM software


Join this LIVE webinar on May 6 to discover the key concepts of PPM time-tracking and time-management and the related processes.
Scott Burtness, Customer Success Manager at Sciforma, will demonstrate how to:

  • Prepare the process and the change management effort
  • Track times across your team — Review, approve or reject time sheets
  • Monitor project progress
  • As well as many considerations for effective time tracking

Date: Thursday, May 6 2021
Time: 11h (PST)
Duration: 1h



Meet the Speaker

Scott Burtness
Customer Success Manager, Sciforma 

With over 10 years of experience in project management, Scott is also PMP-certified and Sciforma’s Customer Success Manager. In his experience, he has trained and mentored project managers on the use of an Enterprise PPM solution and partnered with PMOs to mature the PPM discipline enterprise-wide. Scott has also helped both large and small companies achieve better portfolio data visibility, standardize processes, and evaluate PPM tools.

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