Your PMO's Value: How will you discover it?
Address the #1 problem that PMOs face: Value!


Live webinar | February 20 | 10AM (Pacific)

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What does Value mean for a PMO? Why do PMOs exist? Why should PMOs exist?

To answer this, the key is to use an approach that will help not only determine, but show your own PMO's value added to your organization.

Join Sciforma PPM and Parwaaz Consulting for this interactive webinar on Feb 20 to see the "Discovery Funnel" on finding and quantifying the true value of your PMO.

What are the benefits of using an approach like this?

  • Making sure your PMO correctly set up for success
  • Expertly addressing the #1 problem that most PMOs face
  • Being in control of your PMO's agenda and strategic initiatives
  • Ensuring that your PMO is easily accepted and truly adds value to your organization
  • Discovering PPM tools which help give metrics to prove your PMO's value.

Meet the Speakers


Hussain Bandukwala
Founder & CEO
Parwaaz Consulting



Hussain Bandukwala is the Founder & CEO at Parwaaz Consulting and helps PMO leaders succeed through assessments, blueprints, coaching, workshops and other resources. He works with PMO leaders and executives to conquer their biggest challenges in meeting strategic goals, achieving operational efficiency, and delivering project value.

Hussain has helped clients improve the success of their strategic initiatives by 73%, shrink their PMO setup duration by 2x, and get their PMOs duly recognized by their CxOs.


Amanda Arnier
Account Executive



Amanda is experienced in helping both large and small companies achieve better portfolio data visibility and achieving their strategic goals. She has worked with several companies with challenges ranging from: maturing in project management, building a project management office, standardizing processes, and PPM tool evaluation.


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