Critical Chain Project Management: Better Control Over Project Schedules

Live Webinar | Sept 18 | 10AM Pacific | 1 Hour

Sciforma 7.1 supports CCPM methodology for the most efficient path to project delivery....

Join us for this webinar and visualize how you can plan and track critical chain projects in relation to resource constraints.

What will this webinar focus on?

Identifying the critical chain: resource links, buffer calculation, buffer tracking, and syncing of multiple projects with capacity buffers

The capability to schedule from the Finish Constraint backwards

Resolving resource contention

Critical Chain reports: reviewing buffer status and identifying which tasks remain on the chains


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An optimal balance of functional robustness and usability for enterprise PMOs


Functionally Scalable


Fast to Implement

Success from Sciforma PPM users:

Reduced time spent on project status reporting

Improved staff utilization

Improved project delivery timelines

Expense avoidance on non-strategic projects


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