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Sciforma is an all-in‐one solution. Sciforma is entirely scalable allowing customers to dynamically turn features on and off according to their maturity levels.

User roles are based on what the user needs to do/see. Read only access is free for an unlimited number of people!





Frequently Asked Questions

A full user can be a project manager, portfolio manager and/or resources manager.
A team member is a user allowed to enter time against tasks in a project, submit issues and change requests and request vacation time.
The implementation cost depends on each customer's requirements. Most customers choose a standard implementation when the out-of-the-box already fits their processes when other customers choose a more tailored implementation. Depending on the implementation approach, it would take anywhere between one week and a few months to implement.
Yes, one of Sciforma's biggest advantages is that customers can start small (either with a small number of users or features or both) and grow using Sciforma. Features and users can be added at any time.
Sciforma is commercialised in two ways either by purchasing the software (on-site installation or hosted) or renting the software as a Service (SaaS). Whether you decide to opt for a cloud or on-site implementation the features and configuration options are identical, the only difference is where the data is stored (in the cloud or on-site).
Yes, Sciforma allows you to switch plans so you can start with a Cloud solution and then decide to install on-premise or vice versa.

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