Project Portfolio Management SUCCESS
Using the right metrics!

Maximizing the Return on Investment with the right data

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Projects are a key source of ROI.

Projects should be seen and treated as investments. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of projects fail to deliver the expected benefits, with a deficiency in the project-derived ROI.

This contributes not only to weak performance (e.g. late delivery, budget overruns), but also to poor project selection and the unwillingness to discard failing projects. 


How can projects be evaluated and selected to maximize contribution to business success?

Download this white paper to learn how the right PPM metrics can help in project selection to achieve the desired ROI, in these specific areas:

  • Projects and Project Portfolios
  • Return on Investment concepts and models
  • How PPM provides a framework for project-based ROI
  • A structured and disciplined approach toward selection of the "best" projects
  • Maximizing benefits from projects




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