Align Resource Visibility with PMO Priorities
Best Practices from University of Manitoba’s IST PMO

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About this webinar

For PMOs (Project Management Officers), one of the biggest challenges is being able to know realistically how busy your people are across the enterprise and what they’re busy on. Having visibility into this is a KEY factor to prioritizing in-flight and new projects that bring the most value to your organization.

That’s exactly what The University of Manitoba’s IST (Information Services Technology) PMO was faced with. 

Watch this webinar with The University of Manitoba’s PMO and Sciforma PPM.

You’ll discover:

  • Best practices for improving PMO project decisions (forecasts for ongoing and upcoming projects)
  • How visibility into resources and resource planning helped improve overall project reporting and showed the PMO’s value
  • The PMO’s journey to centralizing project planning and resource management in 1 robust tool
  • How Sciforma PPM prepared a University’s team in times of economic and organizational changes (e.g. a pandemic)

About the Speaker

Terry Bunio
University of Manitoba
Director, IST Planning and Governance

As the University of Manitoba’s PMO leader, he has worked on exciting initiatives to oversee governance processes, implement new IT methodologies, and implement resource planning frameworks and solutions. With over 29 years of experience in the IT industry, Terry is well versed in operational management, project management, strategic planning, solution architecture, and agile leadership. Terry personally enjoys helping build teams, solving problems and issues, and guiding solutions.

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