Understanding PMO Maturity in Your Organization

A proactive approach to maturing in project management
On Demand Webinar

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In large organizations, the evolution of project management lags behind development of other capabilities such as finance, operations, HR, etc.

Only when the need for project management becomes critical do companies pay attention to improving their project management capabilities.


But a proactive approach is the best way to be prepared for growth and business changes. What is the best way to achieve acceleration and progress in your project management?

In this On-Demand webinar, discover a proven approach for maturing your PMO in these areas:

  • A maturity model for assessing your PMO maturity, and how to ask the right questions to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Look at your "whole system" of a PMO organization and measure across multiple line-of-business PMOs and roll up to Enterprise PMO
  • Carving a pathway towards a continuous growth journey in PMO maturity 
  • How technology plays a role as you mature your PMO

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Meet the Speakers


Farzad Khan, MBA, P.Eng., PMP
Management Consultant
StrategicFront | Consulting


Farzad has more than 18 years of practice in management consulting and professional training.

Farzad develops and delivers training at leading academic institutions and works with top-tier consulting firms and corporate clients, primarily in banking, retail and professional services.


Rachel Atkins, PMP, BSc
Strategic Management Consultant
StrategicFront | Consulting


Rachel is a strategy and project consultant with over 20 years of experience in project and risk management. She has delivered pragmatic solutions to drive business transformations in top-tier consulting firms.

Rachel has been a key business influencer and trusted advisor to senior executives due to her seasoned business acumen and client commitment.

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