Project Health Score: Putting Your Projects Back on Track
A new method to better manage your portfolio


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About this on-demand webinar...

In today's world, most projects depend on other projects or contribute to larger initiatives.

The challenge is to get all these projects and capabilities well coordinated to minimize schedule slippage, reduce resource conflict, and prevent duplication of effort so performance is optimized.

Project managers, sponsors, the project team and PMOs are often so involved in the day-to-day activities that they can fail to recognize the true status of a project.

So... Define and monitor the right indicators! And anticipate potential projects slippage!

Sciforma put together a new Health Score Algorithm, based on the collection of a large amount of data.

View this on-demand webinar that happened on October 30 to discover these key insights from the Health Score:

  • How project health scores will help you stay ahead of your projects
  • Ways to manage complex projects and initiatives with multiple dependencies
  • Alleviate resource and schedule conflicts
  • A combination of all of these factors will help prevent delayed project schedules


Meet the Speaker


Fabien Herelle
VP of Solutions
Sciforma PPM



Fabien led major implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies and created the Solutions team in charge of designing and developing the Sciforma Solution. He has been promoting a design thinking approach at Sciforma and created the Sciforma Expert Group.

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