How to Tackle Your Resource Management Issues

Using a phased approach...

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To execute with optimal efficiency and improve project cycle time, you need to focus on better resource management.

A root cause of schedule failures is not having the right resources at the right time.

However, to implement resource management, a Crawl-Walk-Run approach has the best chance for success.

Join us for this webinar and discover the Sciforma phased approach:

Step 1. Implement resource management functionality to gain basic resource visibility

Step 2. Introduce a formal resource assignment approval process, incorporate project priority, and implement basic capacity management capabilities

Step 3. Support the ability to assign resources at a more granular level

Download the slides and watch this webinar to discover how to take a phased approach to tackling resource management.

Meet the Speaker


Fabien Herelle
VP of Solutions



Fabien led major implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies and created the Solutions team in charge of designing and developing the Sciforma Solution. He has been promoting a design thinking approach at Sciforma and created the Sciforma Expert Group.

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