Integrating Your PPM System with Other Line-of-Business Systems

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You've either already taken the first step, or are planning to take the first step in implementing a PPM system like Sciforma PPM to centralize your project data and bring even more value to your organization...

However, you probably already have other operational or business tools currently capturing data in place, right?

To make the most of your PPM system, you need to be able to seamlessly integrate and exchange the data between these tools and create an efficient ecosystem.

Get this webinar on-demand now to discover how you can do just that.

Based on Josh Leone's 20 years of PPM experience, he will discuss:

  • Benefits of integrating your PPM system with other line-of-business systems
  • Common integrations that organizations are successfully undertaking
  • How to integrate your systems with Sciforma PPM

Meet the Speaker


Josh Leone
Chief Technology Officer
Rego Consulting



Joshua Leone is the CTO and head of international business development for Rego Consulting. As part of the Rego PPM expert team, he is responsible for integrations and technical innovation and is considered the go-to guru for all technical issues related to PPM. Josh has 20 years of experience in the Project and Portfolio Management space.

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