Build, Reimagine, or Revive Your PMO in 100 Days

Define your PMO's long-term course of action in 100 days


50% of PMOs fail within the first three years, according to The Association of Project Management. Assessing your organization's process maturity and solidifying your PPM goals are critical to ensuring your PMO not only lasts, but thrives.


In this on-demand webinar, InfoTech Research Group's Elvis Celic discusses:

  • how to triage the state of your PMO's key PPM capabilities

  • translating stakeholder expectations into strategic vision

  • best practices for implementing a long-term course of action for the PMO

  • the benefits of PPM softwares like Sciforma for a PMO's executive reporting, strategic alignment, and more


About the Speaker

Elvis Celic
Principal Advisory Director
, Info-Tech Research Group 

Elvis Celic is a versatile senior business and strategic project management leader with over 20 years of experience in managing complex transformational projects/programs/portfolios and leading large teams in the marketing, digital media, IT, financial, telecommunications, energy, and higher education industries.


On-demand webinar

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