Agile or Waterfall: Why you don't have to choose

How project portfolio managers can implement a bimodal approach

About this on-demand webinar

Choices, choices - we all love to choose and we all love to take sides. In the 60s you loved the Beatles or the Stones. In the 90s you were fans of Oasis or Blur.

But sometimes the right solution is to join the two. If you could combine the Beatles' writing with the style and attitude of the Stones, what super-group that would have been!

In the slightly less glamorous world of project and portfolio management, the Agile and Waterfall tribes have had a long running battle.

On the one hand, Agile proponents claim that the iterative and collaborative approach yields better results, while Waterfall advocates insist that the detailed, formalized approach gives greater visibility and better governance of the project itself.

However, the bimodal approach is becoming more and more prominent within companies. Project and portfolio managers need to adapt their project planning and implementation capabilities to respond to new modes of control and adaptability.

Watch this webinar to discover this bimodal approach and how to take advantage of the combination in an optimal way!

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