Driving Digital Transformation

Modernizing PMO Processes and Adopting Next-Gen PPM Technology

How Horizon Credit Union implemented a PPM Software to drive digital transformation

With about 70,000 credit union members and about $1 billion in assets, Horizon Credit Union (HZCU) was experiencing growth not only in membership and assets, but in their product portfolio as well. 

In evolving and transforming with the industry, HZCU is dedicated to enhancing their growing members' customer experience.

The Project Management Office (PMO) had the opportunity to advance enterprise digitalization and implement a tool that would help connect their teams and effectively manage projects and efforts to: transform branches, improve contact centers, upgrade vital "eServices" like mobile and digital wallet offerings.

Download this case study to learn more... from the business drivers to technical considerations to the benefits they are realizing + some advice for industry peers.

Download PPM Success Story Case Study

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