Implementing Technology to Help Transform the PMO...

Going from a "reporting PMO" to an "executing PMO" 

How DFW International Airport (ITS) used a PPM Software to help in their PMO transformation

As one of the world's most visited airports, DFW is recognized for its innovation, commitment, and drive for excellence.

Continuing this innovation and commitment sparked the DFW Information Technology Services (ITS) team to transform from a reporting PMO to an executing PMO to enhance their business value while supporting 28 other departments at DFW.

Discover more in their case study: how this demand to transform the PMO led them to implementing a PPM software. And how doing so helped them gain exposure to some important data for the first time to better prioritize projects, understand demand, and improve project tracking and execution.

Recently, DFW was recognized as Air Transport World's 2019 Airport of the Year. 

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