Aubert & Duval
Improving Management of Product Development Cycles with a Hands-On PMO

About this PPM Success Story

Arnaud Montels, Aubert & Duval’s Industrial Developments PMO Manager, shares the company’s PPM strategy to better improve their on time delivery. Aubert & Duval is a key supplier of critical parts for the most demanding industries: aerospace, space, nuclear, defense, and energy.

For Aubert & Duval, it was crucial to:

  • Gain visibility over the time spent and the resources utilized on each type of activity
  • Develop and maintain an overview of the activity based on a central system consolidating the project data of multiple teams, and enabling easy analysis
  • Facilitate collaboration across production sites

Download this case study to discover how Aubert & Duval has achieved:

  • Increased predictability of capacity requirements
  • Improved resource alignment
  • With a solution suited to the vision of the PMO and to the needs of users.
Download PPM Success Story Case Study

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